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Additional Leasing Services

Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for vacant properties is available for 100% of the first month’s rent, with conditions:

  • If a Cooperating Agent brings a Rental Customer that is approved by the Broker, they will earn a commission of 50% of the first month’s rent.  According to the Multiple Listing Service rules governing non-disclosed variable rate commissions, if the Broker brings the Rental Customer who is approved the total 100% Brokerage Fee is still owed by the Owner.  
  • The Broker’s Agents will only show rental properties to pre-qualified Rental Customers.
  • Rently Self-Showing Service is not allowed with MLS Service.

DISCLAIMER: Since the COVID 19 Pandemic Rental Customers have become accustomed to viewing properties without Agents and at their convenience using Self-Showing Service Technology.  There is currently an oversupply of rental properties in the Metro area, therefore the Broker cannot assure the Rental Property Owner that a significant number of Rental Customers will make the effort to schedule appointments with Agents unless and until current supply decreases.