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Expert Tenant Screening

No Tenant placed by Dean & Associates Inc has ever been evicted since the company was founded in April of 2014.

Please check with all of our competitors to get the most up to date information, but it is our understanding that we provide the most thorough tenant screening in the metro area.


  1. We verify the Applicant’s identity with a Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) Questionnaire.
  2. We pull the Applicant’s Three Bureau Credit Reports which includes their FICO® 8 Scores.  Pulling the Applicants Three Bureau Credit Reports is a fraud detection practice.  Individuals who are attempting to create a false or synthetic identity many times will only create the false identity with one Credit Bureau.  
  3. The Applicant’s debt load, including the rent, cannot exceed 43% of their gross monthly income.
  4. We pull background reports and screen for evictions, property damage filings, felonies for violent crimes, drug trafficking, sex offenders, etc.
  5. We collect the last two years of the applicant’s IRS Tax Transcripts.
  6. We use state of the art Fraud Detection Software to screen for fraudulent documents such as paystubs, banks statements, tax transcripts, etc.  It is estimated that approximately 50% of all evictions are caused by the submission of fraudulent documents in the rental application.
  7. We have a 100% success rate in detecting synthetic identity fraud.  Synthetic identity fraud is one of the fastest growing financial crimes in our country. Today, criminals can easily fabricate:
  • Fake Social Security Numbers
  • Fake Drivers License
  • Fake pay stubs
  • Fake IRS documents
  • Fake credit file with the credit bureaus
  • We constantly receive lease applications presented by criminals who have manufactured a synthetic identity. They are attempting to lease the property for the purpose of rental arbitrage. Rental arbitrage is the practice of a Tenant fraudulently sub-leasing the property to other individuals. Sometimes they will lease the property on short term vacation rental sites. Other times they may rent the property to someone who is not able to be approved for an application. It usually takes several months to discover if synthetic identity fraud has taken place. Since the person you have rented the property to does not exist, it is impossible to recover damages and it may take several months to evict the current occupant. The best way to address this crime is to prevent it. At Dean & Associates Inc, we know how to detect this type of fraud and prevent it.