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Rently® Leasing Service

Most rental properties on the market today employ Rental Customer Self-showing technology.  The Broker uses Rently® which is the oldest and largest provider of this type of service.  According to Rently®, 42% of rental customers prefer to view property after work hours and or on the weekends.  Since the COVID-19 Pandemic it has become obvious to the Broker that most rental customers would prefer to view properties at their convenience and without being escorted by an Agent.  Without question using a service like Rently is the quickest way to get a rental property leased.

This service is only available for vacant properties in good condition that are to be advertised competitively at $1,500 per month or more.  The cost for this service is a flat fee of $1,000 and additional Monthly Management Service is required.

Rently® Self-Showing Service is not available to:

  • Properties that are occupied
  • Properties that are in guarded gated communities

Zillow® Disclaimer:  Zillow® has a policy that prohibits listing a property for Sale and for Rent at the same time.  You can choose to list for Sale or for Rent but they will not display your property for both services.  Therefore, if your property is listed for Sale it will not also be listed for Rent in Zillow®,®, Hotpads®, Trulia®, etc.