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Office RECAD Policy

Dean & Associates Inc specializes in residential home leasing and management.  We currently offer sales Services only.  Due to the current litigation, Buyer’s services are discontinued until further notice.

Dean & Associates Inc offers the following Brokerage Services:

1. Single Agent

According to the Alabama Real Estate Brokerage Services Disclosure, a Single Agent is a licensee who represents only one party in a sale. That is, a Single Agent represents his or her Client. A Single Agent must be completely loyal and faithful to the Client.

The practical application of Single Agency for Dean & Associates Inc is that a Listing Agency Agreement will be required by all individuals requesting to list their property for rent.

2. Transaction Broker

According to the Alabama Real Estate Brokerage Services Disclosure, a Transaction Broker assists one or more parties in a sale. A Transaction Broker is not an Agent and does not have the same obligations as an Agent. The Transaction Broker and Licensees working with him or her perform the services set out in their contract.

The practical application of Transaction Brokerage for Dean & Associates Inc shall be as follows:

  1. The Broker’s Agents shall not be required to be a Single Agent to assist Rental Customers (Prospective Tenants) with leasing services.
  2. The Broker’s Agents are not required by Law or the Broker to present the Alabama Real Estate Brokerage Services Disclosure Form to Rental Customers.